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EMERCOM of Russia is taking measures to improve the efficiency of emergency response taking into account new global challenges

State Secretaty – Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disaster Alexey Serko took part in the plenary session of the VII BRICS Legal Forum, which takes place on November 18-19 in an online format. The Forum is dedicated to building capacity to build a global economic order based on new regulation.

In his speech, A. Serko spoke about the threats of emergencies caused by climate change as a global challenge of our time. Currently, natural disasters, viral infections, the ecological situation, socio-political conflicts and much more affect the life of society.

The speakers drew attention to the fact that in the period from 1980 to 2020 the number of natural disasters increased 4 times, and the damage from them increased more than 6 times, therefore, special attention should be paid to solving the problems of forecasting and preventing natural disasters.

To protect the population and territories of the country from emergencies, the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia actively uses a system of space monitoring and forecasting. So, using the system, a project was implemented for the use of a mobile receiving and transmitting complex for remote sensing of the Earth in Yakutia. Its use for monitoring the passage of spring floods of rivers, allowed to quickly identify congestion and prevent significant damage from flooding.

At present, in order to localize the consequences of such emergencies, a number of changes are being made to Russian legislation in terms of the mandatory creation of a financial reserve for the use of funds in the prevention and elimination of emergencies, the legal definition of the modes of elimination of natural fires, as well as the obligatory practical assessment of the readiness of organizations to localize and eliminate the consequences of emergency.

Alexey Serko also noted that Russia is actively participating in international humanitarian actions related to the elimination of the most serious emergencies caused, among other things, by the factors of climate change. So, for the period 2019 — 2020, the Russian Federation provided humanitarian assistance to 21 states of Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa for a total amount of over $ 25 million.

In conclusion, the Deputy Minister added that control of the situation, increasing the efficiency of response to emergencies will help improve the overall situation with ensuring the safety of the population, taking into account new global challenges, and will also improve the effectiveness of international cooperation.

Within the framework of the forum, participants will also discuss the establishment of a network center for the settlement of disputes of the BRICS countries in each of the member states of the association, the future of the legal profession in the context of artificial intelligence and the Internet.

As a reminder, the forum has been held since 2014 and is an open platform for legal cooperation and professional exchange of experience and ideas between lawyers of the BRICS countries and the establishment of comprehensive cooperation with international legal institutions.

Source: EMERCOM official website