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The 2nd Organising Committee

The second meeting of the Organising Committee for Preparing and Holding the 4th BRICS Legal Forum took place on 8th June 2017 during the Euro-Asian Congress in Ekaterinburg. Consequently, the theme of the plenary session was approved: “Interaction between the legal systems of BRICS member states: towards an equitable global order”. The following panel sessions topics were also declared:

  • “International public order in the process of renewal: specific features of and prospects for cooperation between legal systems of BRICS member states; protection of intellectual property. Development of the digital economy.”
  • “Ensuring stability of the constitutional systems of BRICS member states. International anti-terrorism effort. Countering corruption. International law mechanisms in the sphere of security.”
  • “International economic cooperation between BRICS member states: legal support of integration in trade, taxation, customs regulation.”
  • “Improving the attractiveness of the jurisdictions of BRICS member states. Business safety and investment raising. Dispute settlement mechanisms in BRICS member states.”
  • “Legal support of humanitarian and cultural dialogue. Development of the sports law in BRICS member states. Development of the environmental law in BRICS member states.”
  • “Contractual and institutional mechanisms of business partnership between BRICS member states. Elaboration of uniform standards and legal solutions in the field of economic cooperation. Evolution of BRICS Bank and its regulatory role in the economic integration process.”